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Healthy Life: Just a cake ‘walk’

By Dhiraj Khatri At a time when you are not sure about timely intake of daily meals, devoting time for physical activity seems a distant dream. You are grappling to prove your worth, but at the cost of your precious health. The fast paced life leaves you with no time to concentrate on your health. Every new year, you make ... Read More »

The unsung Yogi of Pakistan

In the world of yoga, Pakistan has produced an unsung yogi: Shamshad Haider, popularly known as Yogi Haider. In a country where Islamic rightwingers very often call the shots, Haider, 47, has quietly succeeded in attracting tens of thousands to yoga, achieving a feat that once seemed near impossible. On June 21, when the world celebrated the second International Day ... Read More »

Color Of Your Urine Can Indicate How Health One Is

Looking into the toilet bowl is like looking into a crystal ball for your health? The color of your urine can change depending on how hydrated you are what foods you have been eating and even as a weird side effect to certain medications. Here’s what your urine color says about your health — and when it could signal a ... Read More »

10 Habits To Lose weight Without Dieting

Thinking about weight loss as “dieting” is the first thing that comes in our mind and is often the biggest mistake people make on their weight loss journey. Weight gain is not only the product of your mismanaged diet but also a mismanaged lifestyle. Changing the habits of your daily lifestyle can create an easy approach to achieve your weight ... Read More »

Tips on How to Stick to Your Health/Fitness Resolution

Well it’s that time of the year again where we set goals for ourselves for the whole year. I am sure that the one resolution that we can all say we have either contemplated or set is: staying healthy and/or working out. Chances are at some time in your life you’ve made a New Year’s resolution — and then broken ... Read More »

Cotton Candy Machines Pave The Way For Artificial Organs

Taking a cue from cotton candy machines, scientists have developed a 3D artificial capillary system that can keep living cells viable and functional for more than a week, thus paving the way for making life-sized artificial livers, kidneys, bones and other essential organs. Leon Bellan, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Tennessee-based Vanderbilt University, has been tinkering with cotton candy ... Read More »

Speeding Up Your Metabolism

What is metabolism? Metabolism is a set of complex functions going inside the body to generate the energy to maintain, grow and carry on essential functions of all the organs of the body to sustain the life. Human body is made to walk, run or keep on moving. However, thanks to new world where day by day the new inventions ... Read More »

Back And Knee Problems From Improper Exercise

Working in the fitness industry for half a decade, I have trained hundreds of clients and had conversations with thousands of gym enthusiasts who join the gym with different goals such as: weight loss, strength gains or bodybuilding. Almost all of them have ended up with knee pain or multiple back problems.   The knee and lower back are most ... Read More »

What Happens When You Sit At Your Desk For Too Long

Desk jobs comprise a large portion of Canadian’s jobs in the 21st century. Many of us may sit for over 8 hours at the same desk and only really get up to get lunch or go to the bathroom. Here is what happens when you sit at your desk for prolonged periods of time 1.)  Decreased Energy Expenditure: your non-exercise ... Read More »