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Why my fitness plan doesn’t work?

  Dhiraj Khatri has the answer So already January, the first month of the New year is gone and I believe many of you are disappointed with your resolution to keep up the fitness level or achieve your new year goal. Talking to hundreds of fitness enthusiast, I found out why your fitness plan don’t work or you fail. Following ... Read More »

Dr Harinder Dhanju: Bringing back smile

The community at South of the Fraser has a reason to smile. A non-profitable society aims to solve un affordable dental care problem of this region By Surbhi Gogia The expensive dental care in Canada prevents many Canadians from visiting a dentist office on regular basis. Families covered under insurance plan can still think of affording dental services. However, it ... Read More »

Work on your core

Some important tips on things to do before joining the gym. Second in the series The first week at the gym is usually exciting but difficult as well to sustain, by now you must be feeling light and your body must be loosened up. Now the second step to achieve your dream body is to work on your core first, ... Read More »


Q: What is osteoporosis which is commonly termed as “GATHIYA” in punjabi. What happens and how to manage in short term and long term. Physiotherapist: Gathiya in Punjabi is known as osteoarthritis in medical science where joint starts having degeneration slowly  as the age progresses. we can also call ageing of the joint. it could be any joint which take ... Read More »

Posture perfect

Planning to join a gym to get that dream body? There are certain dos and donts to follow. Dhiraj Khatri shares some important tips in a series of articles. The first is on fixing your posture by stretching There is usually enormous enthusiasm on first day of gym. People expect that their bodies are going to be perfect in no ... Read More »


By Dr. Suresh Kurl I have worked with individuals involved in drug culture. They would barter their grocery bags for drugs, rather than taking them home to feed their hungry children and then would return the next day to plead for money claiming their cash was stolen. As Registrar of an Appeal Board I was once threatened with an injection ... Read More »


Do you need a fitness tracker to keep you healthy or it is just a marketing gimmick? By Dhiraj Khatri Gone are the days when fitness was assessed on the basis of stamina, flexibility, exhaustion, rate of perceived exertion and mood. If someone was working longer with no physical complaint and leading a happy life, he used to be considered ... Read More »

Catch them young

By Deepak Gill Mind, body and soul; is the essence of yoga. Although centuries old, there are several questions that continue to linger about yoga and most importantly its benefits.  Firstly, it is important to understand that yoga is for everyone. It does not discriminate against age, fitness level or any other pertinent factors that one may think will preclude ... Read More »

Eat fruits during pregnancy to have smarter kids

Would-be-mothers please listen! The more fruits you eat during pregnancy, the higher would be your kid’s IQ levels, reveals a study. The results showed that if pregnant mothers ate six or seven servings of fruit or fruit juice a day on average, their infants placed six or seven points higher on the IQ scale at one year of age. “We ... Read More »