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Eating to Boost Energy

By Sharon Heer If you are feeling overly tired by the afternoon, it might be time to think about how the foods you eat are affecting your energy level. Constantly reaching for a cup of coffee or looking for a sugary snack every hour or two are signs that you may be choosing the wrong foods. What you eat and drink, ... Read More »

A new approach for Canada’s Food Guide

  In launching the new Canada’s Food Guide on Tuesday, federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor emphasized that healthy eating is about more than the foods Canadians eat. The new Food Guide is an online suite of resources that better meets the needs of different users, including the general public, policy makers and health professionals. This includes mobile-friendly web content to ... Read More »


HINDUISM – A BIRD’S EYE VIEW  (Part-II) Dr. Suresh Kurl  The Indian history of speculative thought has its beginning in the Rig Veda, a treasure of cosmic mysteries: the daily drama of the sunrise, sunset, wind and rain, of light and darkness, of calm and storm. Then was not non-existent, nor existent: there was no realm of air, no sky ... Read More »

Caregivers will now have access to new pathways to permanent residence

Launching 2 new 5-year caregiver immigration pilot programs CAREGIVERS will soon have access to two new five-year caregiver immigration pilots that will replace expiring and ineffective pilot programs. The new pilots will allow caregivers to come to Canada together with their family and provide a pathway to permanent residence. Caregivers will also soon have greater flexibility to change jobs quickly, and ... Read More »

Maya Bhogal: Lifting away social pressures

  The South Asian families want their kids to opt for a career that gives them job secuiry, makes them financially independent, offers social status and upword mobility. However, with changing time, many South Asian kids are opting for out-of-the-box career choices. But they have to deal with parental pressure when it comes to going for something that does not ... Read More »

Finding wellness through essential oils and art therapy

Sarah and Christina Kaur are exploring an alternative route to mental health care By Surbhi Gogia Every other day there is a new study released with the latest stats of how many Canadians are suffering from mental health issues. For many, even talking about mental health, or stress can be difficult. In 2018, we’re often encouraged to rise above the ... Read More »

Talking to Your Child about Cannabis: Parents are Educators too!

By Kira London-Nadeau Cannabis prohibition has caused harm to several Canadians in many ways. One of its most adverse effects on young people specifically has been the limitations of their drug education. This means children, teenagers, and older youth have not received adequate tools to make sound decisions about cannabis use. Luckily, the legalization of nonmedical cannabis gives us an ... Read More »

Deljit Bains: Infusing right Sehat into South Asian Kitchen

Deljit Bains is the Leader of South Asian Health Institute which recently won Fraser Health’s Above and Beyond Innovator Award. As part of the Institute’s Sehat program, the team has worked closely with gurdwaras, temples, schools and businesses to design new ways to help Fraser Health’s South Asian population eat healthier meals and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases  ... Read More »

WorkSafeBC raising awareness about impairment in the workplace

WORKSAFEBC is launching an awareness campaign to educate employers and workers about impairment in the workplace, as the legalization of recreational cannabis takes effect October 17. “Impairment in the workplace isn’t a new issue in B.C., but it’s become top of mind as cannabis becomes legal for recreational use,” said Tom Brocklehurst, Director of Prevention Practices and Quality for WorkSafeBC. “We’re ... Read More »