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the Importance of teaching Mother Language

It was the dawn of 1971. My wife and I were going home from Vatranasi to Haridwar. When the train stopped at the Lucknow railway station, I got off the train for tea to wet our beaks. An ex-professor of mine, who was also on board the same train, spotted me and called and asked, “When did you arrive? How ... Read More »

Bullying of LGBT Youth: It Gets Better

Around the world, members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community face great discrimination, ranging from being called derogatory names and being ostracized by their friends, family and community to being killed for their sexual orientation. Several surveys conducted in the United States and Canada indicated that sexual minority youth are much more likely to be bullied than ... Read More »

Muzaffarnagar riots: atrocities against women

Violence against women during Muzaffarnagar riots Clashes between the Hindu and Muslim communities of the Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh, India have claimed 50 lives and injured 93. 41,000 have been displaced in what is described as the ‘worst violence in Uttar Pradesh’ in recent years; for the first time in 20 years, the army has been deployed in the Indian ... Read More »

Humble the Poet: The Voice of Youth & Social Activism

“I want to create something that lives past me, and it’s no different than people wanting to have kids. You have kids because you want to work on a project and watch it bloom and blossom. My creative work is my kids; it’s my legacy.” – Humble the Poet QUICK BIO It’s been a little over five years since Kanwer ... Read More »


After two years of a majority government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper revived his Cabinet last month, making some major changes by bringing in new ministers – including younger MPs in their 30s and 40s, and bringing in more women. “I think this is a good mixture of some young and promising talent we have in our caucus and some experienced ... Read More »

The EDWARD SNOWDEN story worth paying attention to

Major media outlets throughout Canada and the USA are focusing their attention on Edward Snowden; not, as one would hope, because of the massive and illegal State surveillance program he has helped to expose, but because of his personal characteristics. This should not be surprising to anyone familiar with the history of whistleblowers. Approximately 40 years ago, whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg ... Read More »

Man’s View on Sex Selective Abortions

An Indian woman clutches her neck and giggles nervously as she describes how she strangled eight of her newborn daughters to death. “Women have the power to give life and take it away,” she says. I am neither a pro-life-right-winger nor a pro-choice-left-winger. Actually I have no wings. Being wingless helps me stay grounded close to what is right and ... Read More »

Residential schools and experiments on aboriginals:

Canada’s shameful legacy of cultural genocide Recent revelations by University of Guelph food historian Ian Mosby explore details about experiments conducted by federal scientists on malnourished and hungry aboriginals on reserves and in residential schools. Between 1942 and 1952, experiments were conducted on 1300 people, studying the effects of nutritional supplements. Subjects were provided or denied vitamins, minerals and foods ... Read More »

Finding the Middle Grounds as a Parent

Too tired to set limits with your children? Well, the short-term gain (not having to deal with tantrums) is likely setting you up for long-term pain! It’s understandable that sometimes parents just want some peace and quiet whenever they can get it, and therefore will let some of their children’s poor behaviours slide, or give in to whatever demands their ... Read More »

Child Labour: A Serious Global Issue

Child labour is one of the most devastating consequences of persistent poverty but 81 percent of British Columbians think it’s easy to turn a blind eye to child labour in developing countries. Children should not have to work but according to the World Bank, an estimated 250 million children are working worldwide. Of these, 61 percent are in Asian, 32 ... Read More »