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Her Story: A Look into the Life of a Drug Dealer’s Girlfriend

My sit down conversation with a young girl whose careful words and chilling memories paint the picture of what it’s really like to date a drug dealer in Surrey (note: names have been excluded for privacy protection). How would you describe [him] as a boyfriend? (Smiles) He was everything you could ever want in a boyfriend. He was smart, he ... Read More »

Criminals with a Conscience: Vancouver’s Biggest Thieves Refuse to Steal from Disabled Man

Vancouver police have noticed a great increase in assaults and robberies targeting Vancouver residents, especially those in wheelchairs. They decided to pull a page out of everyone’s favourite cop book as their line of attack: an undercover mission. Police officer Mark Horsley strapped on a wheelchair and headed to five high risk areas in the Downtown Eastside. He told residents ... Read More »

Culture De-mystified

During mid 1970s, I did some work on “The Survey of Factors Encouraging and Constraining Citizenship Registration” investigating the issues that would encourage or restrain individuals in the “East Indian Community” to apply for Canadian Citizenship. The project had been sponsored by the Government of Canada. It was a great opportunity to learn about my culture, its psychology and issues ... Read More »

Sight Gifter: Top Vancouver surgeon’s India program cures blindness for hundreds of thousands

If you were to meet Paul Dubord at a night spot, you’d probably think he’s the resident bouncer. The pugnacious, stocky and straight-talking Dubord could easily come across as a Tony Soprano sidekick. But Dr. Paul Dubord is in fact one of the world’s pre-eminent eye surgeons. The Vancouver-based corneal transplantation specialist provides advanced medical and surgical treatments for a ... Read More »

Rethinking the global fight against extremism

A large conference on ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ convened in Washington, bringing together political and diplomatic representatives from over 60 countries, law enforcement officials, religious leaders and experts. The meeting constituted a reaffirmation of the need for an effective multilateral strategy to counter and prevent violent extremism in today’s increasingly challenging environments. At the same time, it hinted at a very ... Read More »

How will Netanyahu victory affect Iran deal, Palestinian future?

Just when the US thought it would mop its brow, having tried hard to tame the West Asian rodeo, the Israeli horse has kicked up dirt. Americans, like everyone else, were waiting for Benjamin Netanyahu to lose the March 17 elections, before proceeding with their script of a nuclear deal with Iran towards some conclusion in the coming weeks. Does ... Read More »

Jyoti India’s Daughter

The story is about the light of her parents’ life.  They named her Jyoti. But five rapists and murderers blew that light out at a very young age of 23 years, just when she was getting ready to dispel the financial darkness out of their lives. In the majority of murder cases, public generally gets a cursory account of a ... Read More »

Warrior Kid : Surrey boy faces up to a life of pain with courage

Weekday mornings in a house with school-going kids are usually a time of orderly (and sometimes disorderly) chaos. From the moment the first wake-up alarm rings until the last of the kids is deposited at school, it’s a constant whirl of activity as everybody gets dressed, fed and prepared to start the school and work day. But in the Terry ... Read More »

MEDICINE MAN: Young Award-Winning Pharmacist is one to watch

When we go to a pharmacy to fill a doctor’s prescription, the men and women – usually wearing white lab coats – behind the counter will duly take your prescription, ask you to come back a bit later, and hand over your medication in exchange for payment. Traditionally, not much more has generally been expected of them by most people. ... Read More »