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Weddings: An expensive affair for guests

By Vinder Sandhu Weddings have become big business in the South Asian community in the last decade. In fact every year, they are becoming bigger and bigger, each more extravagant than the previous. It seems to grow on its own, morphing into an uncontrollable monster gulping down tens of thousands of dollars in its way down the aisle. I love ... Read More »

The wedding of the year

Jasneet Arora of Gagan Foods International, recently got married to Jatinder Singh. Her wedding was a grand affair with 2000 guests being part of it. In an interview with Desi Today she talks about some highlights of her special day When and where was your wedding ceremony and reception? Our wedding was on August 20th 2016 it was held at ... Read More »

A wedding story

Meet Manjot and Careena, for whom a big wedding was a way of expressing love and gratitude towards their family and friends When a couple decides to get married, the first and most difficult question that pops up is whether to have a big or a small wedding. Some of the common factors that influence every couple’s decision are — ... Read More »

Weddings: Little India’s Big Business

Meet Bal Brach, a CBC journalist, whose own reluctance to have a big wedding turned into a documentary that explores the booming Indian wedding industry in the Lower Mainland What would you expect a bride-to-be doing just a few days before her wedding? Shopping and dreaming about her new life — most of you would think. But there are few ... Read More »

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Pardip Narwal, a wedding planner, talks about some latest trends in Indian weddings and bizarre demands of the customers on their big day By Surbhi Gogia Weddings have always been a grand affair for South Asians. Back home they are super fun. Food and chatter all around, excitement in the air, a hundred different delicacies to gorge on. It’s like ... Read More »

A rendezvous with politics: Sukh Dhaliwal

Sukh Dhaliwal is the Liberal Member of Parliament for Surrey-Newton. He has served the Surrey community before when he was MP for Newton-North Delta from 2006 to 2011. After earning his Bachelor of Science (Surveying Engineering) from the University of Calgary, Sukh started his own business Dhaliwal & Associates Land Surveying Inc. As a former member of the Surrey Board ... Read More »

NRIs and India’s demonetization

By Jyotsna Singh As the clock struck 8 P.M. on the evening of November 8, an address by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi took the country by surprise. Almost 86% of cash in the economy had been declared unfit for transaction from the next day. The address declared that after 12 midnight, i.e. within four hours, currency denomination ... Read More »

The pragmatic revolutionary: Fidel Castro

As a teenager, he once wrote to a US President congratulating him on his re-election and requesting a $10 bill because he “had never seen one and would like to have one of them”, but within a few decades, turned to be the nearest but most long-lasting bugbear for a whole series of American Presidents, who tried their best to ... Read More »

The Sharp Edge of Jealousy 

  By Amrita Lit I’ve never been the envious type. Not only that, but I’ve never really paid attention or realized when someone was being envious of me either. I just don’t find it necessary to pine for the life of another when you can just make some simple changes to improve the status of your own. But with age, comes ... Read More »

Bardish Chagger: “Better” made possible

The life story of newly appointed government house leader Bardish Chagger is the true embodiment of Liberal values When Justin Trudeau decided to run for the post of Prime Minister, he embarked on a journey that had a clear vision to make Canada a better place. “In Canada better is always possible,” Trudeau always said during the campaign. But the ... Read More »