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Jasneet Nijjar: Canada’s own Usain Bolt in making

By Surbhi Gogia The world of track and field may lose a legend once sprinter Usain Bolt decides to join soccer, but Canada has already got its female version of the sprinting star. Meet Jasneet Nijjar, the 17-year-old Queen Elizabeth Secondary school student,  who has already taken the world of Canadian junior sprinting by a storm. Jasneet last spring achieved ... Read More »

Maya Bhogal: Lifting away social pressures

  The South Asian families want their kids to opt for a career that gives them job secuiry, makes them financially independent, offers social status and upword mobility. However, with changing time, many South Asian kids are opting for out-of-the-box career choices. But they have to deal with parental pressure when it comes to going for something that does not ... Read More »

Inspector Wendy Mehat: Working towards safe communities

  By Surbhi Gogia   Although the city of Surrey is bidding hard to get its own police force, Surrey’s community is and will always be grateful to the dedicated services provided by RCMP officers for all the years. The community salutes RCMP officers for the sheer hard work and risking their lives to protect general public from the increasing ... Read More »

South Asian Women and the World of Politics

By Dupinder Kaur Saran Despite being highly qualified all the seven South Asian women who ran in the 2018 Surrey municipal elections, could not make it through. Dupinder Saran, a registered nurse, who ran as a school board tries to find out the reason?   Entering the world of politics is not easy as we all know and understand.  Although ... Read More »

Finding wellness through essential oils and art therapy

Sarah and Christina Kaur are exploring an alternative route to mental health care By Surbhi Gogia Every other day there is a new study released with the latest stats of how many Canadians are suffering from mental health issues. For many, even talking about mental health, or stress can be difficult. In 2018, we’re often encouraged to rise above the ... Read More »

Finding home beyond boundaries

  Finding home is a collection of poetry from a high school teen’s perspective on what it means to have a home. Being the child of first generation Pakistani Muslim immigrants, Duaah Hammad tells her story of trying to fit into an American life style while still holding her roots close. She grew up struggling to meet the expectations and ... Read More »

A flight of freedom

Meet Devanshi Vyas, who freed herself from the trap of bullying, depression and anxiety to fly high in the sky Bullying is a serious problem that exists in schools, colleges or even at the workplace. All those who become its victim, suffer. Some raise their voice, however, a lot more suffer in silence and get mental health problems. Tragically, many ... Read More »

Sonia Andhi is fourth candidate of Surrey Students NOW

SONIA Andhi is the fourth candidate of the Surrey Students NOW, a parent-led advocacy group running four candidates for School Board Trustee in Surrey. The other three candidates are Cindy Dalglish, Charlene Dobie and Mary-Em Waddington. The group said: “Sonia Andhi will bring experience to the Surrey School Board through her work as a Surrey based social worker and family counsellor. With ... Read More »

Neetu Garcha: Journalist of tomorrow

We are living in an age where social media has become a powerful platform for anyone to reach out to masses. With just one click, you can go live, capture a powerful image or video of any crime scene, a mass shooting or any incident that concerns masses. It is an age where a professional journalist is no longer a ... Read More »