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Things you should know before Hiring A Wedding planner

“Planning a wedding is difficult, especially with family and work obligations, be sure that the person you hire is in tune with what you want and is able to deliver with a smile” Your wedding is something you have envisioned since childhood and now the day has finally come when you have found the perfect person.  The next step is ... Read More »

Starting your own business

As a society, we value money above all else. Even things like oil and gold, substances deemed precious the world over, are revered as much for their monetary value as they are for their actual function. Given our dependence on currency, there are a few ways you can go about earning some. You can exchange your time and labour for ... Read More »

HOW TO STAY productive AND motivated WHEN YOU’RE self-employed

A lot of people wouldn’t be able to do anything productive without a boss or someone breathing down their neck. Without the threat of authority they wouldn’t get out of bed at a reasonable hour, wouldn’t be productive and would basically do nothing but watch television or engage in whatever their favorite distraction is. For the self-employed individual who works ... Read More »