July, 2020

Bollywood Boyz: The Latest Wrestling Sensation

Burnaby-born brothers Gurv and Harv Sihra are making headlines as the next big tag team name in professional wrestling. The “Bollywood Boyz” recently signed with former WWE main-event competitor and founder of TNA Wrestling: Jeff Jarret. The wrestling phenom signed the boys onto his latest franchise called “Global Force Wrestling.” Under Jarrett’s wing, the brothers were flown to the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas where they wrestled for GFW in front of 9,500 cheering fans.

The charismatic and extremely hard-working duo have been wrestling since the age of six and have been perfecting their tag team performances for over a decade. Their dedication to their craft and undeniable likeability has led them to make close ties with big-time wrestlers such as Chris Jericho, Edge and Bret “The Hitman” Hart. What is so special about these boys is how well-versed they are in the industry: they have studied matches, analyzed players and understood the logistics and business behind the profession. They play hard, but first and foremost, they work hard. Most admirably, they do it out of a genuine passion for the industry. “When you’re starving in minus 70 weather in Northern Manitoba making little money, that’s when you keep doing it because you love it,” Harv comments. When you hear these boys speak about the profession you can’t help but jump on board their enthusiasm and excitement. Their humble character and extremely funny antics have audiences concluding the same undeniable fact: you can’t help but like them!

Bollywood Boyz claiming victory with thier menetor, former WWE competitor and founder of TNA Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett


1.) How does it feel to be signing with a large company such as Global Force Wrestling?

Harv: We have been dreaming of this moment since we were 6 years old playing wrestling in our parents basement. We’ve dedicated our entire young adult lives in making it big in wrestling. It’s one thing to dream and it’s another thing for it to actually happens. When your dreams starting coming to fruition, it’s pretty darn cool.

Gurv: We feel very, very excited and so fortunate. Being noticed by a major wrestling promotion in the United States is what most independent wrestlers work towards, especially in Canada. It’s the big stage and it’s where we can really build a name for ourselves and further our careers. We’ve been working towards this goal for many years, and it’s finally starting to pay off.

2.) When did your guys’ dream of being a professional wrestler begin?

Gurv: Well, we started watching wrestling around the age of six or seven. I clearly remember watching Wrestlemania 12 in 1996, with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in the main event, and after that night we knew this is what we wanted to do. That match was the beginning of our dream.

Harv: Yeah, I remember being about 6. And, by the time I was high school, I knew this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Funny story, when we graduate and as you walk on the stage for you high school degree, students in front of me were announced as “this guy will be going to SFU for law and this guy is going to University of Toronto for science and as I walked they said, Harv will focus on one day becoming a world wrestling champion. I graded and went straight to wrestling school not college.

3.) What has been the biggest struggle getting to this point?

Gurv: One of the biggest struggles has definitely been our size. For two guys under six-feet, trying to make it in the “big man’s” world, it’s not an easy task. We have to work twice as hard both in and out of the ring. But that also motivates and drives us to prove a lot of people wrong. Anytime you put limitations on us, we’ll prove you wrong. However, Thankfully, size isn’t as big of a factor as it once was, and the fans are a lot smarter too. The fans want to see, action and less stalling.

Harv: Also, I think being Canadian is somewhat of a struggle. It’s just harder for Canadian to get down south that is half the battle is getting to America. There’s a reason America is the land of opportunity because any big money is made there. So it took us nearly 10 years to get noticed in America. Obviously we are not the biggest guys either; we are always told earlier on we were too small for wrestling. But, we quickly proved people wrong.Gurv with an axe handle off the top
4.) What is the most noticeable difference between you guys’ personality?

Gurv: We both bring the best out of each other with our personalities. Starting out, Harv was and is, really strong on the mic, and he’s helped me a great deal to open up and become myself. He definitely puts the word “BOLLYWOOD” in the Bollywood Boyz. However, together our charisma and personality, I believe, is second to none.

5.) Which professional wrestler do you admire the most and why?

Gurv: Growing up, it was Bret Hart, the Canadian hero, and Shawn MIchaels, The Heartbreak Kid. Both had tremendous personalities and we were drawn in. Their matches were classics. However, as we got into the business, you learned and studied different wrestlers for different reasons. Someone like Chris Jericho is our size, so we study a lot of his matches and see his work. Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and The Rock for their verbal skills, and how they “sold” tickets. Each wrestler has his or her strong points, and it’s great to learn and take a little bit from everyone and make it your own. We were always told starting out, “learn from the people that made money in this business.”

Harv: Definitely Bret Hart. Everything about him, the pink and black, the sunglasses he was just so cool. Plus, he was such a great wrestler and story teller. Over the years, yeah, we gravitated towards Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Edge and Eddie Guerrero. Cool story is that over the years, we have actually become really close to Jericho and Edge and they have helped us tremendously over the years.

6.) What advice would you give up and coming wrestlers?

Harv: Passion. It is clichéd but true. When you’re starving in minus 70 weather in northern Manitoba and making little money. That’s when you keep doing it because you love it and want to make it for all right reasons. We have done that. We have starved, slept on airport floors and spent nights in hospitals. All because of passion for wrestling. If you want to do this, have passion.

Gurv: Definitely! Also, never take “no” for an answer. We’ve had many doors closed on us, mostly earlier in our careers, but you *really* have to believe in yourself. It you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. Even at this point, we have still A LOT of hard work ahead of us. We’ve been given the “ball”, but now we have to run with it and score a touchdown. It doesn’t matter what your dream is, it all starts with believing in yourself and putting in the time.

8.) What’s your favourite wrestling move that another wrestler is famous for?

(Both) Sharpshooter!

Bollywood Boyz have thier opponents at thier mercy with the famous Sharpshooter move

Gurv: Yeah, Sharpshooter by the Harts, and Superkick from Shawn Michaels. However, during the crazy “attitude era”, we *all* loved the Stone Cold Stunner and Rock Bottom!

Harv: We love their moves and it is our way to say thanks to the legends of wrestling who helped pave the way for many of us to make such a wonderful living.

9.) How has being an Indo-Canadian affected your career?

Harv: Being Indo-Canadian has actually been very beneficial to our careers. We took what Eddie Guerrero did for the Latin American community applied to the Indo Canadian community. Just like his Latino heat character we took something relevant and hip that relatable (Bollywood) and made that into a great wrestling character. We have fun and dance but when the bell rings it’s all business!

10.) How many times a week do you two work out?

Gurv: I go 5-6 days a week, twice a day, with strength and conditioning in the morning, followed by heavy, compound lifting at night. I’ve got an amazing trainer, Dejan Kajic, and he really helps keep conditioned. Anyone looking to increase their conditioning please check him out at Clinch MMA!

Harv: Yeah, definitely 5-6 days. With injuries it’s hard sometimes. We try and look as athletic as possible so cardio is the most important. Sometimes you want to skip a workout like a late Saturday night and hang with friends. But then you know that you always have to be ready so you end up going. It’s all part of the sacrifices you make.

Caption to be determined11.) What’ the worst injury you’ve gotten so far?

Harv: Boy, there’s a list of them. I tore my acl in my knee in 2011 and kept wrestling. My knee was the size of a baseball and I wrestled for 3 weeks like that all taped up.

Gurv: Yeah, there’s definitely a lot to choose from! Both my shoulders are gone from multiple dislocations. I’ve had 2 major concussions which I can remember, and all the bumps and bruises that go with this business. Hey, we signed up for this, and it’s part of the territory. It’s certainly not ballet.

12.) What has been the biggest contributing factor to you two obtaining this contract?

Gurv: It’s been Jeff Jarrett, hands down. Jeff has believed in us since day one, and has given us this platform to perform on in Vegas. He’s always referred to us as his “guys”. He really took 2 unknown East Indian brothers up in Canada, with a dream, and has given us the chance of make it a reality.

Harv: Definitely Jeff Jarret. He’s our boss and mentor who is a wrestling legend having wrestled for WWF/WWE, WCW and found TNA having one many championships said on TSN radio while promoting Global Force Wrestling that he signed us cause we want this as bad as we want to breathe. That means a lot coming from a guy who’s done it all, so I guess that’s why we are here. This is life.

13.) Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you or about your partnership?

Harv: We are very proud to represent our Indian heritage in the most entertaining but yet in a respectful manner.

Gurv: Would like to say Thank you to everyone that has supported over the years. To all the youngsters out there, PLEASE respect your parents, your elders, and dream big.

Harv: Yes, we want to thank everyone who has been with us our journey and thank all of our fans. We take our roles as role models very seriously and enjoy talking to our fans.

If you have a dream, whatever it is, doctor, lawyer or hockey player or even wrestler, work hard in life and do everything from the pureness of your heart. Good things will always happen.

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