July, 2020

Back And Knee Problems From Improper Exercise

Working in the fitness industry for half a decade, I have trained hundreds of clients and had conversations with thousands of gym enthusiasts who join the gym with different goals such as: weight loss, strength gains or bodybuilding. Almost all of them have ended up with knee pain or multiple back problems.


The knee and lower back are most dynamic and loadbearing joints of our body which, through our birth, constantly working to keep us moving. Basically, your knee and hip are both connected and if one joint is under pressure or is under risk, the other is already prone to risk or injury.

Things to consider:

  • When changing from sedentary life to an active life, most people don’t understand the importance of alignment of our body. To give more light on that, many people have a slouched shoulder (kyphotic posture) which is a common reason for mid back or low back pain. Also, people with over pronation of foot/flat feet where the foot starts collapsing can lead to knee/hip pain. Hence, if not assessed by qualified fitness professional or physical therapist, before starting their fitness routine, they are susceptible to injuries.
  • Poor biomechanics while working out in the gym is the major factor causing back and knee problems. Every exercise must be executed in right form and mechanics
  • Some common injuries are shin splints or planter fasciitis which can occur when your joints are experiencing too much wear and tear because your muscles are not helping enough to support your movements. You can avoid these by strengthening and activating the correct group of muscles.
  • Keep your ego out of the weight room. One of the simplest way to save your back and knees from unnecessary injury. Every exercise plan should be based on progression otherwise you cannot reap the benefits of the exercise in long term. But suddenly progressing from point A to point D leads your way to common back or knee problems
  • Get assessed by a qualified fitness professional or physical therapist before starting a workout program so that you should know about the red flags and it will help you to plan a better and realistic program according to your individual body.

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