September, 2019
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Quick Fixes for Fashion Blunders

Ever experienced a stain on your blouse during a client lunch or an unsightly deodorant streak across your little black dress? There are varied fashion faux pas that women can come across, but a little craftiness can help you escape fashion blunder embarrassment. To help avoid those little ‘oops’ moments, here are some “quick-fix” tips to solve even the worst ... Read More »

On a path to her soccer dream – Simmrin Dhaliwal

“I’m a really competitive person so if someone says they’re better than me, I will do whatever it takes to be the best.” Before Simmrin Dhaliwal was 16, she had the numbers of Ivy League and NCAA Division 1 college soccer coaches programmed into her phone. Simmrin was all of 16 but was already weighing offers to attend Princeton, Northwestern ... Read More »

Harper’s “Sickening” Speech in Israel

Canadian PM Stephen Harper proudly pontificated before the Israeli Knesset about the shared values between Canada and Israel, “the most natural of allies”. He boasted of the pride he felt for what Israel had “accomplished here”, of Israel’s “courage in war… generosity in peace, and of the bloom that the desert has yielded” of course “under [Israeli] stewardship”. Ignoring for ... Read More »

Increasing violence on public transportation

  Being a bus driver is probably one of the most stressful job you’ll find. You’re battling with traffic and poor drivers on the road, and constantly dealing with members of the public, a percentage of whom are trouble. Often these troublesome passengers include teens who have had too much to drink and want to show off to their friends, ... Read More »

The Reunion

I’d always known him as this strange and quiet old man that barely ever left his room, so imagine my surprise when he decided he wanted to go back home to India. Mom and dad tried to talk him out of it – not just because he was in poor health, but also because of what “they” might do to ... Read More »

A Guide to Gang Prevention – Part II

I have been working in Law Enforcement Field for the past 8 years.  During this time I have had the opportunity to work in a number of specialized units such as the Major Crime Section, Organized Crime Unit, Gang Enforcement Unit.   At the community level, I have worked as patrol officer.  I have a passion of police work and I ... Read More »

BJP’s Shehzadas list runs long

Even as it attacks the Congress for its “dynastic politics”, the BJP appears to be charting a similar course going by the number of sons and daughters of its leaders in the fray for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has often derided Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as “shehzada (prince)” in his election rallies ... Read More »

The pains of bodybuilding

Back pain due to working out is very common. It is one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t sort of relationships. For example when thinking of someone suffering from low back pain we would imagine a person that lives a sedentary lifestyle, eats poor and probably spends a majority of their day hunched over a ... Read More »

Make 2014 your Fittest year yet.

With all the rain and cold temperatures it seems impossible to imagine warmer days. But, make no mistake, summer is coming. Soon it will be time to crawl out of your cozy hibernation phase, peel off the layers and reveal your pale skin to the warm basking glow of a spring and summer sun. Whether you’ve gotten used to skipping ... Read More »