September, 2019
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Vancouver Police launch back-to-school road safety campaign

VANCOUVER Police announced on Tuesday they are stepping up enforcement around school zones, and reminded road users to slow down and pay attention as children return for another year of school. “With more than 600,000 students heading back to school or attending school for the first time, there will be an increase in young pedestrians on our roads, and their safety ... Read More »

Parents told to keep in mind importance of immunization for their children

WHILE parents and guardians are making preparations to ensure their kids have another successful year at school with pens, books and binders, they are being reminded by the government to keep in mind the importance of immunization for their children. Following this year’s global measles outbreak, the Province took immediate action to increase immunizations and collect immunization records. Through increased immunizations ... Read More »

Baljit Sangra: Shedding Lights on society’s dark secrets

By Surbhi Gogia Childhood sexual abuse is shockingly common but rarely discussed tragic issue across the world. In South Asian families, the situation becomes much more frightening since the victims (especially girls) are asked to stay quiet and burry it as a dark secret in their hearts — by their family members. Most of the South Asians feel that their family’s ... Read More »

IHIT’s Head Dave Chauhan: A Canadian success story

By Surbhi Gogia  Most of us have heard about the law of attraction that says, when you really desire something from the heart,  you get it. Famous author Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist says, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The life story of Superintendent Dave Chauhan, newly appointed officer-in-charge of ... Read More »

Sukhjot Bains: A star in making

By Surbhi Gogia Ever since Toronto Raptors won the historic NBA championship, basketball fever is running high in our hockey-dominant nation. It wasn’t unusual to spot Canadians playing basketball before, but Raptors’ tenacious play has inspired many new basketball players and followers. The emotions are running beyond just talking about the game. It is very much possible to achieve your ... Read More »

Paper Lions: A tale of Singhs and Kaurs

Most of the Sikhs have the middle name Singh — which means lion in English. Sikhs have displayed the qualities of a lion by being fearless, powerful and risk-taking in many aspects. But when it comes to treatment of their women, many have displayed weakness. Paper Lions a new novel by award-winning Sikh author Sohan Koonar, explores and questions this ... Read More »

Preetisheel Singh — Transforming Bollywood with her masterstrokes

Meet National Award-winning make-up, hair and one of India’s prosthetic designer Preetisheel Singh By Desi Today News Desk In recent years Bollywood has presented us with characters that evoked different emotions in us. If Amitabh Bhachan and Rishi Kapoor made us laugh and adore them with their cuteness in 102 not out, Ranveer Singh scared us to the core with his looks ... Read More »

Installing treasure in trash

Hassan and Vivek have co-created Oscar — the robot who helps you sort out waste By Surbhi Gogia Recycling is much more complicated than we think. Do you know the majority of the waste that we think we recycle, does not end up in a recycling facility? Reason — we are not sorting it right. One coffee cup, for instance, ... Read More »

Saving sick kids

By Desi Today News Desk Childhood diseases can have many serious consequences and have the capability to remaining life-long burdens on the affected children and their families. Childhood Cancers and Childhood Rare Diseases are two of the most threatening and complex illnesses that affect many children throughout Canada and the rest of the world. A multitude of research foundations and institutes are working hard ... Read More »

Showcasing South Asian talent beyond Bollywood

 By Arshad Khan and Anya McKenzie Have you heard of the film The Big Sick? Or before that East Is East or Bend It Like Beckham? Beckham was a small, independent film by Gurinder Chadha that launched her career from an unknown filmmaker to now one of the industry’s top directors, with her latest feature Blinded By The Light becoming ... Read More »