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Are You Filtering Away Your Life?

Are You Filtering Away Your Life?

By Amrita Lit

filterSo it’s no secret that today’s day and age is all about social media and how we portray ourselves on it. We are all constantly plugged in and connected to one another via the online image we create in our daily (sometimes hourly) updates. But what is missing from this webosphere is the ability to really see the true version of someone. We filter and choose what side we decide to “publicize” to the world. What’s left is the inability to feel confident in your true self in “the real world.”

If you are constantly finding that best angle, the shiniest flawless filter, or the wittiest caption – how will you ever feel comfortable with just being you. Flaws and all, no pixels, just real life flesh and blood. Awkward statements, uneven skin tone, and maybe a few pudgy areas around your waistline. There’s no way to sugar coat who you really are in person as you do online. Are we losing the ability to be completely real with one another? Are we all just walking talking virtual versions of ourselves? With walls up to make sure no one gets in and sees that we are not the picture perfect or snap chat happy person we pretend to be.

So much of our day is consumed by trying to impress others. Trying to APPEAR superior. Heck I do it too. Lately I find myself posting a whole lot of my son because I enjoy putting it out there that he’s pretty dang spectacular. So by default that makes me pretty awesome too.

What I fear though is that future generations will have subsequent feelings of insecurity and disconnect due to this culture of creating virtual bubbles to keep people out. Will anyone ever share secrets or be okay with being vulnerable or inferior? Will we be okay with showing that today we did diddly squat other than lay around all day with greasy hair and an unwashed face?

If we’re all about the image – how will we ever learn to see past that? I fear for what this will mean for friendships, relationships, and families. The more we boast ourselves up online the further we are straying from true human interaction.

Just something to think about the next time you’re scrolling through those filters. Maybe we all need to start “liking” ourselves and one another just the way we are.


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