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A South Asian Gentleman’s Guide to THE BEARD

A South Asian Gentleman’s Guide to THE BEARD

To beard, or not to beard? That is the question. Whether you’re inspired by Brad Pitt’s bush-beard or Ranbir Kapoor’s shadow – all the essential beard advice you’ll ever need is covered below.

The Shadow

beard - hrithikLying at the far end of the stubble spectrum, this five o’clock shadow is a beard best worn by the likes of Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor and Ryan Gosling. This carefree look can easily transition into a manicured scruff, and later on, a short beard. This is the choice for the gent who wants a look that’s simple to maintain.

The Balbo

beard - robert downeyThe Balbo is a goatee and soul patch sharing the same vicinity to the lone moustache. It owes its name to the Fascist Italian leader Italo Balbo, who wore the unique style as early as the 1920s. Actor Robert Downey Jr has worn this style for years, but don’t worry, you don’t have to a superhero to rock this style.

The Groomed Gruff

Beard - saif aliWhile heavier than The Shadow – and best exemplified by the likes of Saif Ali Khan, Emraan Hashmi and Jon Hamm – this beard still sits fairly flush to the face and requires at least a weekly groom so it doesn’t stray and cross into the next style. Everyone from investment bankers to boho artists rocks this beard these days. It’s one part gruff and one part groomed, which is precisely why it has such wide appeal.

The Jake

Beard - JakeThis is facial hair worn by Bollywood and Hollywood hotties alike. Like its namesake, Jake Gyllenhaal, and on Chris Pine and Imran Khan, it’s an expansive beast with a hint of fluff, maintaining consistent thickness and stretching to below the Adam’s apple.


The James Harden

Beard - brad pittWhen it comes to chin-do’s that dangle, be careful. The only reason Brad Pitt gets away with straggly tufts that make him look a bush man is that he’s got the world’s best cheekbones. Most men will end up looking like they’re flossing a year-round playoff beard like Joaquin Phoenix. No maintenance is required on this one, but it’s likely to cause a drop in social invites.


Facial Hair for Your Face

Some men can look great with a goatee and shaved head, while others can try the look with less than amazing results. By altering your facial hair you can seriously emphasize or hide the features on your face. You can make the most of your dashing looks with a little help from your barber or this guide.

Oval Face Goatee, neat moustache, light beard/scruff

Round Face Neat moustache, goatee and trimmed beard designed to slim and make the face seem more oval. Avoid bushy sideburns.

Triangular Face Full beard either trimmed or scruff, designed to take attention away from the pointed chin

Square Face Goatees, moustaches, neatly trimmed scruff, neat beard with hard lines, designed to maintain and enhance the square jaw

Oblong/Rectangular Face Neatly shaped moustache to shorten the face, and a neatly trimmed beard to shorten and square the face

Diamond Face Full beard to square off the face and hide a prominent chin


Beard CareTaking care of facial hair is different than taking care of the hair on your head. It’s important to keep your beard and moustache clean and conditioned.

Wash your facial hair as often as possible, preferably every time you take a bath. Wash it with shampoo and then use conditioner. If your beard is longer you should comb it out to keep it smooth and free of tangles.

Always use a pre-shave oil before shaving. It softens the beard and prepares your skin for a close and comfortable shave – it moisturises the skin and protects your skin from razor burn or irritation.

After the shave it is good to use an aftershave lotion or cologne. The cologne disinfects the skin but it can also irritate it that’s why it is better to use aftershave lotion or aftershave gel. They disinfect and moisturise the skin but usually don’t contain alcohol.

Keeping your beard clean is essential, but you also need to groom it. Knowing how to shape/groom your beard is an essential male skill. You don’t want to look like a bum. A trimmer with an adjustable trimming is a key to your success. When you can adjust the trimming you can do better because you will be able to trim the whole beard and then do detailed trimming.

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