August, 2020

A home called Vancouver

vfw-609382388Designer Taranjit (Taran) Cheema brings alive her love for Vancouver in her collection at Vancouver Fashion Week

Who says the rain and winters are dull moments in Vancouver? You need an eye of an admirer and a real love for this beautiful city that encompasses many colours of mother nature throughout the year. Designer Taran Cheema in her latest Summer/spring 2017 collection showcased some  bright colours at the 2016 Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) in September.

Influenced by the vivid colors that can be found across this city, Cheema’s new collection, “Home,” is a testament of the love the designer has for her city. Finding inspirations from the days where she would swing on yellow swing in the park or climb across royal blue monkey bars. Or, from when she drove for the first time and watched how the colors on a traffic light would change from green to yellow and finally red. Despite the gloomy rainy days, Vancouver has always shone through its grey moments with pops of colors all around the city. The memories that Vancouver has provided for Cheema have come to life in her new collection. The vibrancy of Vancouver leaps off each garment weaving a story of a girl in constant awe of a city that never stops growing.

Cheema, a Canadian-born designer, has a strong eye for colors and graphics. Originally, she pursued her love for fine arts, which naturally progressed into an interest in fashion design. She graduated from Parsons The New School for Design in New York City with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. She has had her collections recognized by Lady Gaga’s stylist, Brandon Maxwell. She launched her brand TKC Design Inc. in June 2016.

vfw-609382424“TKC Design Inc. is about the embodiment of color. Inspired by colors and rich textures, TKC Design Inc. hopes to inspire a movement of endless possibilities. Our pieces are so unique and bold that they will catch everyone’s eyes. We offer one of kind pieces that we guarantee you will not find anywhere else. Enriched in bold colors our collection is made to empower women. We dare you to be bold and vibrant in a grey society!,” she says.

This is Cheema’s 4th year showcasing at VFW. “Vancouver Fashion Week provides an international and global platform for emerging designers. This year TKC Design showcased their second collection at Vancouver Fashion Week. We were honored to have Dr Larra Shah introduce our designer to the stage,” she says.

In its Vancouver 28th season, this September, VFW was launched featuring international and emerging talents. It aims to serve as the gateway to designers who can’t show in the big events such as London, Paris, Milan and New York.

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