August, 2020
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A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Shopping in India

By Kamran Rahman

Wedding shopping in India has become an increasingly popular alternative to shopping in Canada. For many women, shopping in India is more than buying things for their weddings, as the trip can be an adventure. There are added benefits of being able to go sightseeing and enjoy the perks of being a tourist.

While brides find themselves debating between the two countries for shopping, each option comes with its pros and cons. According to a survey, 67% of survey respondents prefer traveling to India for Beyond shopping bridal shopping. With most brides choosing India over Canada for wedding shopping, it is worth exploring what brides say about shopping in India.

The Advantages

The biggest factors for shopping in India revolve around saving money and having access to awider selection of products. For context, brides report saving up to 66 percent by shopping in India. However, not all wedding items are recommended to be purchased there. Below is a list of items that are typically ideal for buying abroad:

  1. Bridesmaids outfits
  2. Sangeet bridal outfit
  3. Wedding Cards
  4. Jewelry
  5. Shoes
  6. Sweets

In a nutshell, opting to go to India can mean knocking out both the opportunity to travel, while also having a better shopping experience.

The Disadvantages

Shopping in India does come with some disadvantages, though. For example, while saving money is a big reason for buying abroad, the reality is sometimes wedding shopping in India costs the same as shopping in Canada. A mix of opting for more premium designers and brands, and the general cost of traveling abroad, and import duties, can eliminate the opportunity to save money.

Logistics also pose problem. When buying clothes in India, your garments may not be ready until after you leave the country. To solve for this, you may need to arrange for having youritems shipped to you in Canada, or you may need to rely on someone else to bring your items back to Canada later.

Another challenge relates to the desired look and feel of your clothes. If you are particular with how you want your outfits to look, India may not be the best place to shop. Once you are back in Canada, it will not be practical to go back to India to get alterations and stitching done. Whereas if you shop locally in Canada, it may be easier to go back and forth with your designer on making alterations after you buy your clothes.

A final disadvantage can be seen with customer service in India. While poor customer service is not unique to India, you are more likely to have better customer service in Canada. With the influence of the internet and social media, Canadian vendors are often required to uphold  certain customer service standards, so that they can develop positive reviews on the internet. The same incentive for providing good customer service may not necessarily exist for vendors in India.

The Verdict

Shop in India if you are…

  1. Flexible about what you are looking for in your outfits.
  2. Flexible about which brands you’re willing to buy from.
  3. Looking for a large selection of products to choose from.
  4. Someone who likes to travel to India.

Shop in Canada if you are…

  1. Someone who prefers premium and/or designer products.
  2. Someone who does not want to deal with the logistics of getting your items from India to Canada.
  3. Someone who is very particular about their outfits.
  4. Someone who expects all vendors to provide excellent customer service.

If you choose to shop in India, here are some tips from brides who have already shopped

in India…

  1. If you are in British Columbia, go to ICICI Bank in Surrey, British Columbia, to setup an Indian

bank account, cheques, and a debit card. By having all of these items on hand, you’ll be able to

make your purchases in India with greater ease.

  1. If variety and pricing are priorities for you, shop in Delhi. While going to Punjab for shopping

may be tempting, brides report that Delhi offers greater variety and better pricing, when

compared to vendors in Punjab.

Below are some popular places in Delhi to shop:

  1. Karol Bagh
  2. Frontier Raas
  3. Frontier Bazaar
  4. Bansal Saree Emporium
  5. Chandani Chawk
  6. Lajpat Nagar

7: For a great designer collection of Groom Manyavar stores are best bet

If you choose to shop in Punjab anyways, here are some popular places brides recommend:


  1. Batra Plaza
  2. Roop Kala
  3. Femme Fashion
  4. Mani Ram and Sons
  5. Ladlee
  6. Choice
  7. Maharaja’s
  8. Kala Mandir


  1. Frontier Raas
  2. Sham Fashion
  3. Bittu Fashioners (for jewelry)


  1. Basants
  2. Frontier Bazaar
  3. Billa Silk Sarees
  4. Bombay Cloth House
  5. Bedi Silks
  6. Timmi Nagpal (for shoes)
  7. Naina Fashions in Adalat Bazar
  8. Geetanjali Creations
  9. Nazakat Jewelers (for jewelry)

For box

Chandni Chawk: A bride’s paradise

If you have planned to shop in India and shopping from New Delhi is on your radar, a visit to Chandni Chawk market is a must. Situated in the heart of Old Delhi, it is one of the oldest markets in Delhi, and a historic site in itself. Along with an array of designs this place has to offer,  the products are budget-friendly. Along with wedding trousseau, the place boasts of great collection of jewellery, shoes , designer suits and lehangas.

The following stores are considered to be top stores.

Ram Kishan Sarees,

Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam,

Asiana Couture,

Om Prakash Jawahar Lal,

Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala

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