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5 Times You Must Get Out Of Your Relationship

5 Times You Must Get Out Of Your Relationship

By Amrita Lit

We all know of relationships in which everyone but those involved can see this couple is just not right for each other. Yet these two individuals cling on to one another. Be it for comfort, familiarity, fear of the unknown, or just because they’re too damn lazy to do anything about their unhappiness.

Perhaps it’s the case that one person has lost interest but the other hasn’t. Have you ever been around a couple in which one partner just completely obliterates the other persons self esteem on a daily basis? It’s like their very existence irritates them in one way or another. Well, to them I say, why not set them free then? Why continue to make someone miserable just for the sake of not wanting to let them go? Does your fear of being alone run that deep? That you would rather make someone’s everyday life absolutely hell in order to live comfortable in yours.

There are many reasons for certain relationships not working out. But I think it all boils down to these five times I would say it is time to throw in the towel for a relationship.

1.) When you are constantly miserable or seem to be making your significant other miserable. Nobody likes feeling like shit, and no matter what it seems like they probably don’t like belittling someone and making them feel like shit either. If you can’t remember the last time you and your ‘loved one’ shared a good laugh or a good time then chances are they just aren’t making you happy anymore and vice versa. Perhaps it’s the annoying habits you used to find cute. Or it could be that you just don’t agree with the life path they’re on. Maybe it’s their friends or family – whatever it is, if you’re not happy, it’s time to make a quick exit strategy and find a way to change that!

2.) When you’re living in the past. Perhaps one of you acted less than loyal at some point in time. Maybe it was a major incident, or a minor one, whatever it may be if it’s too big to shake off, and is being repeatedly brought up, it’s time to stop trying to turn the page on what happened, and forget about each other instead!

3.) When the bad outweighs the good. Sure everyone has their ups and downs. Things can’t be amazingly spectacular at all times. But if you feel unsafe, unhappy, or uneasy at any point in time in your relationship. It’s time to call it quits! Nobody should ever have the authority to pop your happy bubble and make your life negative when you very well would be much better off without them!

4.) When you are constantly fighting. Chances are you’re doing so publicly and your friends and family have dropped some subtle and some not so subtle hints that perhaps it’s time to move on. So before things get out of hand, take a deep breath and suggest you guys take a collective breather from one another, maybe a permanent one!

5.) Last but not least: before you turn into a infidel –when you begin to notice your interest is repeatedly caught elsewhere, it might just be time to stop sneaking looks and flirty banter on the down low – and make it be know that you’d just rather be single and ready to mingle. Rather than tied down with a frown.

(Note: This goes without saying but if you are in a abusive or otherwise unhealthy relationship there is NO justification for staying in such a situation. No matter which way you may internally excuse this these types of scenarios are unacceptable and please tell someone and/or get help any way possible ASAP).

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