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3-year-old Nirmat Gill dies at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Fraser Health orders full patient safety review

3-year-old Nirmat Gill dies at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Fraser Health orders full patient safety review

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THE parents of three-year-old Nirmat Gill, who died at Abbotsford Regional Hospital on February 7 because she apparently did not receive proper attention from hospital staff, are advising other parents to insist on proper treatment of their children and ask for second opinions if they feel that there is something wrong.

Fraser Health’s Maternal Infant Child and Youth team is conducting a full patient safety review along with the Abbotsford Emergency Department that will look at the care provided to the child and review the cause of death, the Province newspaper reported on Friday.


The child’s mother, Balraj Gill, had posted the tragic loss of her daughter on Facebook back on Tuesday:


I, Balraj Gill, want to share a tragic incident that changed our lives in the blink of an eye. Every parent’s nightmare has come to life.

I lost my 3 years old innocent daughter NIMRAT GILL because of the carelessness of the staff members at THE ABBOTSFORD REGIONAL HOSPITAL AND CANCER CENTER (emergency department).

She had cough & bad fever and couldn’t sleep well on the night of February 5th so I took her to the hospital around 2am with my husband who was also sick. Dr gave antibiotic to my husband but he didn’t bother about my daughter. He said she is okay and give her Tylenol. We came home at 7 am.

During the day we gave her Tylenol every 4 hours, but she still wasn’t getting any better.

The next morning around 5am I had to rush her back to the hospital again. The staff was so careless they didn’t pay any proper attention to her or provided her with anything . I was telling nurses and laboratory persons and Doctors about her changing symptoms but they didn’t pay attention. They didn’t bother to give her oxygen or any IV for her dehydration because she was vomiting.

When she was almost gone 10 am then they made a code call and whole staff was pretending to give her CPR and after 15 min they said SORRY. I knew she was already gone when they started their job because I was there until then but then they told me to go outside.

It’s so much shameful that the emergency staff wasted 5 hours to think of any treatment for a sick baby. 5 hours are more than enough to save a life in a emergency department.

OR Doctors are only there to give TYLENOL or ADVIL to the sick patients. Even we all mothers know that much too. What is the use of their Degrees then?

I used to think that Doctors at emergency departments are specialist and they can save everyone or at least do their best. Unfortunately I was totally wrong. They don’t even have time to check the patients properly.

They should have taken the X RAYS and BLOOD TEST on the first visit then my daughter would have been with us. Her whole life was before her. Our lives have changed. We couldn’t do anything to save her precious life.



Her funeral service will take place at Fraser River Funeral Home at 12: 30 p.m. on Sunday, February 19.

Bhog will follow at 2:30 p.m. at Gurdwara Banda Singh Bhader Abbotsford.


THE mother told Radio Red FM on Friday morning that if the doctors had examined her daughter properly the first time they went to hospital, she would have still been alive.

She also resented the doctors merely taking down notes while she was explaining Nirmat’s condition instead of examining her right away.

There is a lot of resentment in the South Asian community about this tragic death

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