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2014 Must Watch Books-to-Movies

2014 has quite an impressive lineup of books-to-movies, and we’ll definitely be watching (and reading)! Out of all of the choices for 2014, here is our take on the next big blockbusters of 2014.

The Best of Me,
by Nicholas Sparks
Books - Best of me
Less Twilight and more likely to be the next The Notebook, this film comes from famed author Nicholas Sparks, of course. Bring on the misunderstood heartache and romance in this story of longing rediscovered.
Heaven is for Real,
by Todd Burpo
Books - Heaven is for
It’s about time this book became a movie! Based on the incredible true story of one little boy’s recounting of heaven, this is the feel-good movie of 2014. Whip out the tissues — you’re going to need them.
by Veronica Roth
Books - DivergentYoung-adult novel adaptations are taking over cinema, and Divergent is next in the line of heroine-fueled dystopian adventures. The film is set for release this March, and yes, we’ll be there.


The Giver,
by Lois Lowry
Books - giver
The Giver was popular long before dystopian fiction was a well-known category of Young Adult fiction. It’s a book that will live with you for years. Though the movie’s cast is a bit unexpected (Alexander Skarsgård and Taylor Swift are set to star), we still can’t wait to see the story come to life on-screen.
Vampire Academy,
by Richelle Mead
Books - vampire academy
Most likely to be the new Twilight, Vampire Academy is an amazing read which will translate into a great flick. Strong-willed and snarky teenager Rose is a heroine we’ll all be rooting for, plus her romance with Dimitri is reminiscent of a forbidden love that we haven’t seen since Leonardo Di Caprio and Clare Danes stole our hearts in Romeo and Juliet.
Gone Girl,
by Gillian Flynn
Books - gone girl
This movie will be amazing, just as the book was. Cast perfectly with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as the leads, this film will definitely be a Hollywood blockbuster.


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