July, 2020

10 Habits To Lose weight Without Dieting

Thinking about weight loss as “dieting” is the first thing that comes in our mind and is often the biggest mistake people make on their weight loss journey. Weight gain is not only the product of your mismanaged diet but also a mismanaged lifestyle. Changing the habits of your daily lifestyle can create an easy approach to achieve your weight loss goals effectively. Let’s discuss those habits:

Habit 1: Exercise Regularly:
doing purposeful physical activity for minimum 30 minutes a day can help you to burn calorie and reduce weight. And why do I say it as habit? exercise or physical activity should not be option rather it should give priority to lead a healthy life.

Habit 2: Eat Slowly & Stop at 80% Full
Remember those words “chew 32 times before gulping down the food?” Yes, its true. Chewing slower and more throughly is one of the easiest ways to start slimming your body! Food not chewed well creates less satiety and is not being digested properly. It takes about 20 minutes for our satiety mechanism to kick in and communicate to our brain and gut where finally brain says “you are full, stop eating now.” Stop eating before you have to loosen your belt and that’s the easiest way to avoid over eating.

Habit 3: Add Protein To Every Meal:
Not only do you need macronutrient for a complete meal but also protein dense food. Proteins help enhances metabolism, improve recovery, increases muscle mass and overall helps in weight loss. Protein rich foods are like chicken ,eggs ,fish ,beans ,yoghurt ,lentils , soya ,tofu etc.

Habit 4: Say “Hi” To Veggies:
Research has shown that vegetables not only provide micronutrients like vitamin and minerals but they also give plant chemicals (phytochemicals) that are essential for optimal physiological functions. Also adding vegetables provides alkaline load to blood hence reducing acidic levels which helps us to be healthy. Adding two servings of vegetables per meal helps reduce overall calorie intake as well regulate food intake. One serve equals 1cup of leafy vegetables or 1/2cup raw chopped vegetables. Try to reach 10 serving of vegetables a day for a good healthy diet

Habit 5: Eat Majority of Carbohydrates After Exercise For Fat Loss:
You don’t have to go for the “no carb approach” if you want to lose weight. What’s healthier and will give you better results is knowing how to utilize the benefits of carbs by timing your meals correctly. Eat your complex carbs (sprouted/whole grain breads and pasta, quinoa, oats, yams/sweet potato etc.) during the 3 hours after exercise. This helps body to replenish the glycogen levels lost during the workout and won’t cause you to gain those extra pounds.

Habit 6: Eat Fat To Burn Fat:
Don’t be afraid of fats! They are macronutrients and 30% of diet should consist of fats. You just need to know which fats to each. Fat intake should be balanced by consuming saturated fats (eggs, cheese, butter, meat, coconut oil etc.), monounsaturated fats (almonds, pecans, olives, olive oil, avocado etc.), and polyunsaturated fats (fish oil, hemp seeds, peanuts, sunflower oil, flax seed etc.). Optimal healthy fat consumption helps our body to maintain our hormonal balances and a healthy brain. Also fat intake increases the thermogenic effect which help us to burn more calories.

Habit 7: Drink Water:
You’ve heard this one before but we’ll tell you again! Our muscle cells contain 75% of water, blood contains nearly 83% of water and bones contain 22% of water. This means water is essential. But still do we need reminders like google apps, stick notes etc.? Make sure you should drink minimum 8 cups (2 litres) of water per day to maintain hydration.

Habit 8: Don’t Eat For Fun
“I am getting bored! What to do? Let’s eat something!” “Let’s meet and chat in a restaurant or a café!” “Grab some popcorn, it’s my favorite movie!”

Stop doing this and you will start losing weight. Food is for nutrition not for fun. Start planning your meetings accordingly. If it’s your movie time then eat before your movie so that you are full and don’t crave for more and if you getting bored drink water and do something which will shift your focus from food.

Habit 9: Get Stress Free:
Stress has a direct impact on your body which affects your hormones, the ability of your body to be efficient and, off course, weight. Most of us think stress is just a financial factor but it can be anything like working long hours, not getting enough sleep, family issues etc. So plan your day, get a good sound sleep and whenever feel stressed, just breathe deeply and try to relax yourself. Breathing reduces our cortisol (bad hormones) and helps reduce stress.

Habit 10: Be Consistent:
Getting excited about it! Try to be consistent. Changing lifestyle is not an overnight procedure it takes a lot of effort, planning and support. Tell it to your family or friends or add them with you in changing your lifestyle to a healthy one.

So start our day with a nutritious diet and add a session of work out to reach your desired weight and you will fit! Stop the dieting and start with these 10 easy tips.

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